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Window Treatment Options that are Right for You

November 6th, 2012 | Posted by Blind Advantage

romanshade2Window treatments add beautiful enhancements to any room of your home, while shading the indoors from the sun’s rays. Here are a few of our favorite window treatment options:

Roman shades are usually a perfect option for window treatment as they are suitable for most spaces in your home.  At Blind Advantage we favour the Designer Roman Shades made by Hunter Douglas like the one featured in the picture to the left. These shades can be very formal and sophisticated with the pleats gathered at the top in an elegant fashion.  Or the pleats can be released, free to hang in a casual manner, which is better suited to a family room or child’s bedroom.  Roman shades are very easy to operate, and can be customized to be any colour, pattern, size or texture, based on your specifications.


Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Shades are a great choice for all window coverings especially when energy efficiency is of most importance. These shades do an excellent job of blocking out the suns radiant heat as well as shielding yourself from the frigid cold in the winter months. Available in sheer, semi opaque or opaque fabrics you can chose from a large selection of colours and styles. With many quality  lifting systems such LiteRise which  is the lifting system that is featured in this picture – literise you can customize your honeycomb shade to be exactly how you like them.

Vinyl Shutters are also a fantastic, window covering option for almost any room of the house. They are easy to clean and made of a lighter material than wood making them easier to operate. Based on the shutters colour, design and the material that they are made of, they can bring out a cottage chic vibe, or a more clean and crisp look to your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.  Shutters allow you to adjust the louvers to determine how much sun light is allowed in, or how much you want light.  Also, they offer fantastic energy efficient properties and have significantly cut down on the air loss leaving a home.  Based on their colour, design and the material they are made of, they can bring out a cottage chic vibe, or a more clean and crisp look to your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Wood shutters are also a great choice but dependent on the conditions in which you live they might not be as practical.. which is why we sell about 95{a830c8410cd6147ef9eb6e7cc08b64935ca42eaa876e81ed07ca91926b5771ac} of our shutters in Vinyl.

Lastly, custom drapery can be made to fit into any rooms design scheme. Using the right colour and fabric choice, they can add a deeply masculine tone to a man cave, or in just the right hue of light pink, they can take your space to a whole new feminine level.